About the Supplemental CD

A Supplemental CD is included with each book. The CD provides over 400 illustrations and photographs. One can see several first-time published photographs that transport the reader back in time to the Stone Mountain, Georgia of the 1850s and 1860s. The reader will meet the real historical figures and view their homes and take a tour of war ravaged Georgia during Sherman's March to the Sea. The 14 maps included document the story of the War in Georgia and the history of Stone Mountain.

The 24 text articles represent an additional 382 plus pages taking the reader further into the history of the period. These articles provide full text of speeches and letters referenced in the book, biographies of the historical characters, and Orders of Battle for the Georgia Campaign with emphasis on the activities in and around Stone Mountain. Other articles describe the Stone Mountain Seminary and Dekalb County Court House records pertaining to properties that are a part of the story.

Critics describe the Supplemental CD as a valuable historical reference worthy of it's own publication. We have included it with each copy of the book in the belief that it will enhance your reading experience. We hope you enjoy it!

The Supplemental CD may be ordered separately by sending a check or Money Orderfor $12.95 to:

E.J. Seguin

P.O. Box 366

Stone Mountain, Ga. 30086

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