George D. N. Coletti, DMD

George Coletti was born in 1939 in Miami, Florida, but returned to his family roots in Stone Mountain as a child. His grandparents, Mr.& Mrs. Demetrius E. Nour, came to Stone Mountain in 1922 and purchased the Wayside Inn. This hotel was built in 1836 and was located at the "walkup point" commonly called the "foot" of Stone Mountain. When the Hotel burned there were four large chimneys remaining and they were used to build a restaurant, bowling alley and service station on the same property. This property was finally sold to the Stone Mountain Memorial Association and the current administration building now sits directly behind what was known as the Nour Place at Stone Mountain.

Mr. Nour's oldest son Elias worked on all three Stone Mountain carvings and became famous for his many heroic rescues of individuals and animals from the steep side of the mountain. Between 1927 and 1963 he fearlessly rescued 36 people and 6 dogs from the perilous steep side of Stone Mountain. In 1953, he received the Carnegie Hero Medal for these unselfish exploits.

George Coletti assisted his uncle on several rescues and in 1957 rescued Glenn Duncan alone when his uncle could not be found and subsequently received a scholarship to the University of Georgia from Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Duncan for his unselfish heroism.

Completing grammar school in Stone Mountain Village, Dr. Coletti then attended Georgia Military College, graduating from High School and Junior College with the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel with honors. He continued his education at the University of Georgia graduating in 1961 with a Bachelor of Science in Bacteriology. He then served as a first Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion, 325 Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division from 1961-63 including service during the period of Cuban Missile Crisis. He then completed his education attending and graduating from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry with DMD degrees in 1967.

In addition to a very successful medical career in Dekalb County, Georgia. George has had an active civic service life. He has served several terms on the Stone Mountain City Council, The Board of Directors of both the Stone Mountain Historical Society and the Dekalb Historical Society. He is a member of the Stone Mountain Masonic Lodge and the local HAM Radio Club. He has been appointed to several Blue Ribbon Committees in Dekalb County, by Chairman Manuel Maloof. He has also served on Blue Ribbon Committees for the City of Stone Mountain and the Stone Mountain Memorial Association.

Dr. Coletti still resides in the City of Stone Mountain with his lovely and much adored wife, Susan Coletti, an accomplished artist and civic leader. Also present at any one given time are at least 1 large dog, legions of squirrels, and various combinations of grandkids and friends in the guest rooms.

"Stone Mountain, The Granite Sentinel" was his first novel. His second novel, "The Red Spoke", was released in 2015.

He was the Senior Author of Foot Prints in Granite. He was a contributor to; "Images of Stone Mountain", "Atlanta's Stone Mountain; A Multicultrual History", "Crossroads of Conflict", (a guide for touring Civil War sites in Georgia), "Toxic Handshake-A Case Study of the Ku Klux Klan" and the movie", Grantham and Rose". He was a consultant for " Out of Stone" and "Klandestine Man" Documentaries.

Dr. Coletti may be contacted at He welcomes your inquiries and comments.

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